Blankie Buzz Story

Blankie Buzz Story

The story of Blankiebuzz

Hello There! Welcome to Blankie Buzz! I am so glad you took a few minutes out of your shopping to learn a little more about our company.

So this is how it all began. My husband and I were enjoying small talk with friends and family about security blankets and how everyone should have one from little on. The challenge was to find niche shop that not only specializes but offers a huge selection of security blankets, blankies and lovies. Hmmm... that got me started.

I already had experience with ecommerce, so I thought, let's do it. I will answer my calling to offer a site with the biggest and best solutions when purchasing a security item for a little. And, as a bonus for our customers, offer personalization on most items.  What an awesome way to let the little and their family know you shopped just for them!

We also wanted keep in mind that some of our shoppers might be beside them self trying to find an identical match to a lost blankie. If that has ever been you, you know how valuable a "they have it all!" shop would be.

The team here at Blankie Buzz never stops the search for the latest and greatest, softest and most comforting, and top brands.

I couldn't be more fortunate! My husband and family are amazingly supportive and encourage me all the way.  We have a great team that lovingly embroiders and puts together every package.  My huge and soft heart is rewarded each time one of our blankets ship out to become your little one's first best friend!

Glad to hear you heard the buzz, and found your way to
  Thanks so very much for shopping with us.  Please don’t be a stranger. If you have a suggestion for a product, product line or you need help with anything, just drop us an email or give us a ring!